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Danny's Thoughts 03/07/2022

To Our Valued U.S. PLY Contractors and Distributors:


What a crazy beginning to 2022 it’s been!  I hope you all are doing well considering the world’s current state of affairs, and please know that we are doing everything in our power at U.S. PLY to make 2022 a great roofing year despite all the current turmoil. 


When I last communicated with you, I foresaw supply chain bottlenecks that would create raw material shortages that would ultimately cause longer lead times from the time an order is placed until the time of delivery. Unfortunately, this is still the case. Though some raw materials have become more available, many are still hard to find.  


As you know, one of the key components in modified bitumen roofing is asphalt (petroleum).  Because of the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline last year and Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, we are experiencing rapidly escalating prices on asphalt and other petroleum-based products. Until the United States government goes back to an energy independent position regarding oil and gas, we will probably see continued volatility and increasing prices on petroleum.


In order to combat the current raw material fluctuations, US Ply has doubled, and sometimes tripled the volume of raw materials we are keeping in stock for production. This allows us fewer disruptions in our manufacturing process and allows us to produce the products you need for your roofing projects in a timelier fashion.   By U.S. PLY being proactive, we are currently only experiencing 3-4 weeks lead times on finished products.


Finally, my advice to our U.S. PLY contractors is to put escalators in your bids, and please do not bid too far out.  If possible, I would only bid through the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2022, to hedge against further volatility.  Another piece of advice would be to place your purchase orders as soon as you are confident you have the job to avoid any delays in shipment and future increases in pricing.  In spite of all the problems facing U.S. PLY and the roofing industry as a whole, business is still good and we have our customers to thank for that.   God Bless and here’s to a great 2022!





CEO/Owner U.S. PLY

Danny's Thoughts 02/09/21


I am so glad we all made it through 2020 healthy and happy!  I hope all of you had a great Holiday Season, and I am looking forward to a prosperous 2021.


I am happy to report that we had a very productive plant shut-down at the end of December.  Although it took us several weeks to accomplish all the necessary improvements, the hard work paid off and our U.S. PLY manufacturing line is running better and faster than ever.


I am also pleased to announce the two newest members of the U.S. PLY “Ten Year Club.”  Christy O in Customer Service and Jorge in Transportation have been valuable assets to our team for a decade. It’s hard for me to believe how many employees we now have in the “Ten Year Club,” as it seems like I just started U.S. PLY yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun!


We are very happy to honor Jorge for 10 years of service with U.S. Ply.  During this time, Jorge has proven to be a valuable member of the team and a go-to driver for critical shipments.  Jorge has shown to be reliable and timely in getting product to our customers without issues.  Thank you for your service, Jorge!


As most of you know, Christy O is the smiling voice you get when you call the U.S. PLY corporate office.  Her tireless dedication to managing the inside sales desk has made her a customer favorite.  Without fail, Christy does everything in her power to make sure your U.S. PLY orders are correct and shipped in a timely fashion.  Christy’s attention to detail is second to none, and we are truly thankful for all she does in making U.S. PLY one of the easiest companies to do business with in the roofing industry.  Thank you for your service, Christy!

Please be advised of an upcoming price increase. In my earlier life I was an estimator for a roofing and sheet metal company. I realized then the importance of getting the price increase information out to the contractor and distributor as quickly as possible. We will be mailing out a notice on all roll goods as well as the pail goods that contain asphalt. We have received 2 increases from our asphalt suppliers in the last 3 weeks. We were going to try to absorb the first one, but when we received the second increase and met with our suppliers I realized it was more than we could absorb. The increases are due to the Biden restrictions on drilling and the asphalt suppliers tell me that these are the first of several increases that we should expect in 2021 and 2022. I will do my best to keep you ahead of the game by giving you as mush notice as possible. The first price increase will be effective March 15. We will are crunching the numbers now and will provide more information soon.


As always, thank you for your business and continued support.

USPLY Has Updated 2014 Manuals, PDS, and New Literature


USPLY has recently introduced new spec books and a host of other new printed material about our products (changes in warranties and changes in certification/warranty programs). They have made all this material and the spec books available on the website. Below is a short PDF file of some of the material we have updated and added. If you have any questions or want a copy of the new materials please contact









MRCA Testing US Ply Material Comes Out On Top!



Last fall, the MRCA gave a presentation on their field study of in-service reflectivity of polymer modified bitumen membranes. In the May 2013 issue of Professional Roofing, that study is the featured article and the cover story of the publication. U.S. Ply’s DuraStar G4 TGW SBS is listed by name with 4 of the 28 roofs evaluated in the study. Each roof was measured with 30 random readings to score a low and high average. Our roof membrane scored extremely high in this evaluation conducted by Matthew Dupuis, P.E. (son of Rene Dupuis).  While the article provides its own generic conclusions – I wanted to give you some texture to the values provided in this study.

In terms of range of reflective average, U.S. Ply’s DuraStar G4 TGW SBS had 3 of the best overall performance and 4 of the top 6! When all roofs are averaged U.S. Ply had the best “power ranking” in terms of reflective performance average for all roofs combined. While the study doesn’t make these bold conclusions, the averages are there in the table of the article. To help you see where we placed, I have provided the rankings below:

2013 Color Me Rad 5K

U.S. PLY and friends participated in the 2013 Color Me Rad 5K in Fort Worth on May 18th to benefit various charities. We want to thank everyone who participated in the walk and for donating to this great cause. Our staff had a great time and had a very color experience with everyone.


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2013 IRE Trade Show

U.S. PLY would like to thank everyone personally for coming out to the 2013 IRE. The 2013 IRE trade show in San Antonio, Texas was a success. We met many of our clients and held a Grand Loyal Customer Appreciation Party at Luciano’s Italian Restaurant on the River Walk for our top customers. We ate and drank all through the night and was able to meet with our customers and gain a personal relationship with them as well as talk business. Everyone's booths were amazing at the show. The U. S. PLY staff had an amazing time. Thanks to everyone and our staff for making this show a success.


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